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7950 vs 680 - Worth the Price Dif?

Hello Tom's Community,

Debating on an upgrade from my 6870's because they have no Vram. Been looking around at 7950's which put up great numbers (esp in overclock) at $300ish.

Noticing 680's have come down recently and are around 450-500 - but would it be worth it for the extra $150?

I'm going to game in 1900x1200, one monitor. Would like a quiet card for when I hook the beast up in the living room. Also play BL2, BF2, Skyrim w/Mods, and Guild Wars 2.


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  1. Ok to be honest the price difference with those 2 cards its huge, consider getting on the sweet spot. Get the gtx670, better than the 7950, it has only 5% less performance difference with the 680gtx and costs around 100dlls less, my 670 runs gw2 on ultra settings + supersample on, at 60-70+fps, sometimes gets over 100fps, since my monitor its only 60hz i had to turn vertical sync, to much fps was causing screen tearing. hope this helps.
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    No its not worth the price difference. The 7950 is a great card and overclocks really well. You can get VERY close to 680 performance levels by overclocking the 7950.

    However if you can step up to the 7970 then you'll be all set for the next 2-3 years. The 7970 is on par with the 680 and can go way beyond by further overclocking it.

    So strike the 680 off the list and look at the 7950 or 7970 or the 670
  3. +1 for jaideep on that one :D
  4. I'll second Dnx's mention of the GTX 670. In terms of wanting a quiet card, I'd look at at the ASUS Direct CU II cards. They're well known for running quiet (as much as a high-end GPU can), and are excellent overclockers as well. The GTX 670 model will set you back around $460 while the factory OC'd GTX 680 version (1137 core / 1201 boost) is another $80.
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  6. Thanks All for your suggestions. In terms of getting a 670, its out of my price range. $300 ~ was really what I wanted to spend and I figured with some overclocking and 3gb VRAM I should be ok for the next couple of years (esp if I Xfire in a year or two, again because of the VRAM) Cheers.
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