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We have an ibuypower desktop machine with a 3-core AMD processor and 4G of RAM. I want a decent video card ($100 or less) so my kids Minecraft game will run better.
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  1. will need a Geforce GTX 690 to get a decent frame rate in Minecraft

    only joking. Try something like a Geforce GT 640 or 50...actually any mid-range GPU will waltz over minecraft. Its more CPU bound than anything else.
  2. Pretty much anything will run minecraft well. But it's more of a CPU intensive game than GPU.
    $40 card for this video card, anything faster will be bottlenecked by your CPU in minecraft.

    Expect close to 100fps with this video card. It's a great deal and will be more than adequate.
  4. It doesn't take anything over 80$ to run minecraft, I suggest against buying an ibuypower, its cheaper to just build your own computer.
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