HD 7850 or 7870

Hi guys, i am about to buy a graphics card that can handle games not only this year but also in the future. My system specs are:

AMD FX 4100 OC to 4.0 GHZ
Corsair Vegeance 8GB Ram
And a PSU 650w with 65% efficiency.
My GPU is my 5 years card 8800 GTS 312 MB

I was about to buy the gtx 660 but then i noticed that Amd cards are much powerful than the 660. With a lot of searching i was about to buy the 7850 but then i wondered why not to spent a few more bucks to buy the msi 7870 hawk 2GB. What i want you to tell me is

Does my cpu gonna bottleneck the 7870 msi hawk edition card?
Does my psu gonna handle that hardware with max power of 422 watts?

Thank you!!!
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  1. From the research I've done on the 4100, it'll probably bottleneck either one. You have it oced so that's good, but bulldozer is a weak architecture, so while you should certainly see an improvement over your current gpu, I would think the cpu will be doing a little bottlenecking.

    That said, a 650 watt psu should be sufficient. However if you're only at 65% efficiency and only get ~422, you may have a problem. I don't remember offhand but I think the 7850/70 needs 450 watts. So it might work, it might not.

    The 7850 vs the 7870 is a close match. Usually on the 50 vs 70, you can overclock the 50 to meet or surpass a stock 70. Then again you can oc the 70 too, so really its up to you. Since you seem comfortable overclocking, it could go either way. Though if you plan on ocing the gpu I'd definitely get a better psu.
  2. I hear that a lot about the fx 4100 but seriously a little bottlenecking even with stock 7850?

    By the way as a 6 month user of the fx 4100 i am very happy for the cost and the perfomance that can give you. (ofc more with OC) With this specs i manage to play battlefield on medium at 25-31 fps with a cpu load of 54% at 1080p. (20% more OC on card tow). Dont mention more not so demanding games. Might fx 4100 is weaker that other cpus but i got more from what i paid thats why i am happy.

    Anyway to conclude i need a card that can match with that cpu and i thought that 7850/70 would do perfect match. If there is a bottleneck i prefer to go for something else because there is no budget upgrading to a cpu and gpu together. So what cards you suggest to fit with my hardware??
  3. Oh don't get me wrong, a 7850 or 7870 would be a good card and a good fit. I was simply saying from what I've read on the 4100, it has a tendency to give lower return when gaming to some other cpus. You can certainly achieve good fps if you're fine with not maxing out the graphics. The 7850\70 won't max it out, but they are strong cards and should pair well with your 4100 for better graphics and fps than you're getting with your 8800 gts.
  4. Get the 7870 if you are not concerned about spending the extra cash. Your CPU will not bottleneck that card at all especially since you have it OC'd to 4.0. As for your PSU you will be fine but make sure you have the proper connections available on it. If your PSU is rated at 650w that’s what it will put out new. It will decrease with age but not by much. For a 75% efficient power supply to produce 75 W of DC output it would require 100 W of AC input and dissipate the remaining 25 W in heat. In other words you don't lose power on the output end because of efficiency it just requires more juice from the input (AC wall socket). 422w is not what your PSU is putting out. A more efficient power supply will save you more cash over time. Also don't forget to make sure you have enough case room. The 7870 is a lot longer than an 8800GTS.
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