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OK guys so i'm doing a major overhaul on my system over the next month or so, and would like just some people to persuade me what to do first.
I am running, An Asrock z68 Extreme3 Gen 3 motherboard, intel i5 2400, corsair h40 watercooling, asus nvidia gtx 560, 4gb of 1800mhz ram, 850W PSU, 120gb SSD, 1tb HDD 7200rpm., now over the next month i will be replacing the motherboard ( Asrock z77 extreme 4), CPU (intel i7 3770k), ram ( 16gb corsair vengence 1800mhz) and graphics (asus nvidia gtx 680), now my options are get the motherboard/ram/CPU done tomorrow, or get the GPU done, and that's the hard decision, i either have to live for a month with a bottle necked GPU, or a severely graphically under powered system. which should i choose?
Also do not try to change my choice in parts, i have made up my mind on which ones im buying, based on brands i like and have owned, and price.
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  1. upgrade GPU first :)
    there is no way i5 2400 can bottleneck 680

    personally i will get 670 instead
  2. everyone tells me a 670 for price/overclockability.... blah blah blah, but tbh, the next thing after the whole system rebuild will be a second 680, and also, upon typing this responce on my first attempt my motherboard failed due to the Australian heat.... i think i have my answer (this was posted off of my alienware m14xr2)
  3. ok not trying to change what you should get, but wait a bit for new 700 series GPU, maybe get 770 or 780 then, i hear they will be ALLOT better than current 600 series, should be launched still in this quarter
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