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Good graphics card?

Hi, I was just wanting to know what's a good graphics card for price.
I am doing an AMD FX build, and since it doesn't have integrated graphics, I need a gpu.
I just need something that games, I don't need the super resolutions and 4x AA (I've seen 8x AA on a game before and really I thought 2x was enough) so what's a good card?
I'm going by this and I was wanting to know what the absolute cheapest is for price. I'm looking for one at ~$100, but the lower price is better. I will upgrade to a far superior card later but I need one just to get my system going. The less I spend now means the more I have for my upgrade in about ~6 months to a year. I'm having troubles deciding but I'll take anything. I was thinking about the $10 GT 610 but I've heard it's a GT 520 and isn't good for gaming.

Also, if anyone has a link to any website that does benchmarks for my exact settings I want (1080p, 2xAA at most; I will probably be using my old monitor, a 720p and I might use AA.)

Thank you to anyone that helps.

Oh and also don't ask about the rest of the system, I already future proofed it to what I will need when I upgrade everything, including a psu that can handle the system, any upgrades, and a gtx 680 (the card that I'm looking at upgrading to, or about the equiv in the Radeon HD 8000 series and GTX 700 series)

And sorry about the link above, I'm not really sure how to do a link.
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    $104 after rebate. Great card and price.


    $95 after rebate.
    But srsly for 9+ get the hd 7770.
  2. Is there really nothing else you can suggest? I said under about $100, and go as low as you can find. What about nVidia?

    I put a $59 HD 6670 DDR3 in a budget build for a client and it gamed nicely at 720p with mid/high settings.
  4. I've heard the 6670 is a good budget card, but what about nVidia? I see that there's a 630 and 640 for about the same price. I remember finding a chart comparing nVidia, AMD, and Intel cards, but I can't seem to find it again.
    But thank you clutchc, I'll see if I can get one for a reasonable price.
  5. Here is a page to compare cards:
    But remember, these are "on paper" comparisons. Your mileage may vary.

    Here is where Tom's Hdwr places the various cards for gaming purposes.,3107-7.html
  6. $100 is a low budget price for a gpu. Your selection will be limited.


    The 7770 will play most games nicely at 1080p in case you upgrade monitor.

    All three will play 720p well.
  7. If you want an nVidia option, GT630 is the way to go. It's not as fast as the 6670 but's it's not miles off. It's what I'll buy if my current backup card dies to keep me going until next year's models.
  8. Thanks guys! I'm actually going to go with just that $10 610 from Newegg since I'm sure my game systems will last me until I can upgrade, or I can just sell my systems later on to upgrade.
    The desktop I have now has a GeForce 6150SE, it's played most of the games I have for pc pretty well running of about 700 something megs of ram, so the 610 can't be horrible until the upgrade.
    I will look into the 6670, 7750, 7770, 630, 640 and some similar priced cards if I can increase my budget some.
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    Haha that is insane! $10?! In the UK, cards don't go lower than £20 ($30) for the absolute cheapest buys. For $10, I'd take two. Even just for a backup card that's worth having. It won't do Battlefield 3, but start a thread in the gaming section if you want some recommendations for awesome older games to keep you going.
  10. Of course it wont do BF3, but it will do what it needs to do! And I'm tempting a second for my older desktop!
    And apparently it can do Borderlands 2 on minimum settings, according to Futuremark.
  11. For $10, why not! Here you'd do well to get a couple of beers for that money :-)
  12. So let it be two then. I could always recycle when I upgrade and use it in an htpc build!
  13. Not a bad plan. These will happily handle Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition if you're into that kind of thing. And your namesake is in there as an NPC (sorry to say he's a d1ck though!).
  14. Thanks everyone for giving suggestions.
    And bc5 I don't know what Baldur's Gate is, but I'll look itup
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