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I've half decided i'm going to be buying the Sapphire Radeon HD7770 Graphics Card (1GB, GDDR5) but i don't know if it will work with my current setup. What do you need to know about my PC?
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  1. You need to know if you have a pcie 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0 slot and a decent psu with 400w with a 6 pin pcie.
  2. Don't intend to sound lazy here but here are the specs for my PC

    Only difference is i've added 8GB RAM to total at 12GB
  3. u've got a really nice PC!!
    it's just that the PSU is just 300W,
    and with an i7 CPU, getting a low end card like the 7770 is just a shame,
    what is your budget?
  4. Yes, the 300W power supply won't do for that card, you have a pcie slot x16 though.
    Either buy a 6670 amd or 7750 or buy a new power supply with ~450w (from a good brand).
  5. I'm fine with getting a new power supply. I know it's a shame. Just remembered i've got a student loan coming in at the end of the month. Combine that with christmas and £150 is probably the most i'd spend. Maybe add £20 if it's worth it.
  6. That looks good to me. Is there any difference between the model if it's made by MSI, Saphire , ASUS etc.? I know someone who sells computer components, unfortunately not upgrades like sound/graphics card, so the power supple should be a bit discounted. I've noticed there's quite a big jump between price between the £90 range to the £140. Sucks.
  7. MSI is a good brand, in the top brands AMD overall (ASUS, Sapphire, Gigabyte and MSI) and that 7770 is a ghz edition(means it's overclock to 1000mhz).
    About the psu, it's the best price i see for a quality(xfx is a good brand) psu 450w.
  8. There are a couple of options depending on how much of a discount you manage to get for the PSU.

    An OC'd 7770

    Cheap 7850

    Another option is to see if you can hang on till after crimbo and go for something with a bit more of a kick like a 660 or 7870. Amazon seems fairly decently priced with a 660 running about 180 right now
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