Building server need good case

i need a case that keeps the inside cool
here are my parts so far
Asus P8C WS
WD Caviar Green 1tb

PS. i would like the case to be a around 100 dollars preferably under.
PPS. can anyone recommend a power supply
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  1. how many HDD will be there? i know a few cases that has 8 slot for HDD
    for PSU, depends on how much power it needs
  2. there is only going to be one but in the future i might add more
  3. Noob12 said:
    If you are doing Raid sometime in future go for a WD red series. They have best raid support.

    Green is good red is better.

    any thing better than green but not red
  4. AMD Radeon said:

    any other cases
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