7970 Cant update to new drivers HELP

Hello i really need some help im using a 7970 with 12.6 drivers i cannot go any further than this driver i wish i could becouse i get really good performance increases but every driver passed 12.6 makes my computer screen shut off randomly like if it wanted to go to sleep for example i just tried the beta 12.11 drivers to see if hopefully it would work and i did a 3dmark 11 run it ran perfect my score went up like crazy but the moment thats over lets say i click internet explorer the screen turns off than back on than i click on Steam to play borderlands 2 my screen turns off and back on i go in game and the screen turns off and back on i minimize the game same thing its like EVERYTHING i press the screen needs to turn off than back on it like im pressing the sleep button every time i do ANYTHING and sometimes like yesterday i went to play far cry 3 and it was in window mode when i would click full screen the screen would turn off than back on and it would stay in window mode it wouldnt go full screen.... i just went back to 12.6 drivers and its running perfect no glitches its killing me that i cant update my drivers AT ALL...........sorry for typing so much just really frustrated but if anyone has any advice plz i would really appreciate it. (the things ive done are reformat my entire PC twice same thing only 12.6 drivers worked, ive fully unninstalled it and tried every driver over 12.6 all had the same turning off screen problem =()
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  1. What's the wattage on your power supply?
  2. Sounds like your monitor is trying to refresh itself. What is your resolution set at and what is your native resolution of the monitor. You might also want to check the refresh rates of the monitor and what the card is set at making sure they are the same.
  3. my system is i7 3770k with hd 7970 and corsair 800 watt i am sure its not the power supply why would it do it only when i go above 12.6 drivers and i have a watt meter my system never goes above 640 watt usage even when both CPU and the Card are both stressed. =( and yes it does look like my screen is trying to constantly refresh itself every single time i try and do anything. well my monitor is a 1920x1080 screen and in Catalyst Control Center thats what its set to.
  4. What is the resolution that is set in the games? Are they also set at 1920x1080?
  5. Was thinking that since drivers after 12.6 increase performance, they probably also increase power draw. But you look good there.

    Did you look in device manager to make sure the monitor driver was properly installed?
  6. Do you have another Monitor or Tv to hook it to..to test it?
  7. clarkjd said:
    What is the resolution that is set in the games? Are they also set at 1920x1080?

    Yeah same exact resolution but the probem isnt just in game its EVERYWHERE. when ever i install a driver over 12.6 my screen needs to refresh before it goes in ANYTHING even like start button than internet explorer even for that the screen goes black than tuns back on it takes about 3 seconds to do it
  8. larrym said:
    Do you have another Monitor or Tv to hook it to..to test it?

    i will give that a try right now brb
  9. You should check the event logs for errors when it happens
  10. Okay so it turns out if i put my screen to NEVER turn off or go to sleep that the problem goes away..... if it goes to sleep for any reason than i have to retart my computer in order for those random refreshes to go away....... but now that atleast i can stay away from that by just making my screen be on 24/7 lol i got a new problem i cant use MSI afterburner now witch is retarded it worked perfect in 12.6 and now when i enable overlclock it makes my screen flicker and tear.....WTF!!!
  11. Download the newest version of afterburner
  12. flexxar said:
    Download the newest version of afterburner

    Just did same problem it happens the moment i apply overlock no matter how high even if i just bump the core clock by 10 MHZ it still makes my screen flicker and tear....
  13. It seems i cannot use MSI afterburner even the slightest tweak makes my screen tear and flicker i went back down to 12.6 and the problems gone but than the first issue starts again i simply cannot update drivers lol nothing above 12.6 allows me to overlclock using MSI AB and i need to put my monitor to never go to sleep or else i get those constant black outs on the screen.....
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