Triple Monitors For New Build?

Could you guys recommend a good monitor for a triple monitor setup? :)

Preferably a 23-24 inch or a 27 inch model at 1920p x 1080p.

Budget per monitor: $180-$300
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  1. or this one for borderless monitor :)
    LED IPS 23 from AOC,19224.html

    looks like it is the best option to put 3 continuous monitor without noticeable border

    from amazon :

    ^ edit : actually it still has gap, but minimum border
  2. Three of these.
    Dell 21.5" UltraSharp U2212HM IPS-Panel. $217

    You lose out on the size of the monitor, but get an IPS panel which has much better colour reproduction than a TN panel.
    You can get 24" IPS screens if you want, but you will have to go a bit over budget.

    Though if you take advantage of the promo code on this one, 27" IPS screen for $300.
    Dell S2740L Black 27" 1080p. $340 ($40 promo code)

    Also if your any good with tools, this may prove interesting.
  3. These are decent... Deals Jan 18: 23" Dell IPS LED-backlit Monitor $169.99,20581.html
  4. if you want the highest quality you can get for 300
    toms has reviewed this monitor for us :) this is the most recent article,3385.html
  5. So you guys think I should go IPS with these monitors?

    How would they affect gaming, with the higher response times?

    Besides that, I'm liking the AOC i2367Fh, it is $180 IPS and has a 5ms response time :)
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