Case and Cooling?

Im looking at the Corsair 400r as my case. im wondering how the Noctua NH-D14 will work inside of this case. If needed, i can go with a Zalman cooler or stick with the D14 and go with the 500r case. Also, how many extra fans will i need in the case, it comes with 2 front 120mm fans and 1 in the rear. It will be used most for gaming with a asus p8z77-v pro, evga 670 ftw, and a i5-3570k. so will it fit, and if so, do i need extra fans?
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  1. help!
  2. you dont need extra fans .

    Check the specs of the case ie width , room behind the mb tray etc
    and see if the cooler fits

    Its probably massive overkill anyway since IB processors run cool anyway .
    Spend $30 on a CM hyper 212 instead
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