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Graphics card needed for small form factor Dell i5

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 6, 2012 6:44:43 PM

I just bought a Dell inspiron 660s for my son for gaming. I got the i5 version here:
I know it's not a gaming computer, but the price made subsequent upgrades worth the bother. My son is just getting into pc gaming, although he plays all the popular ps3 games. Dell tried to sell me the ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphics card for $109, but even at my level of familiarity I can tell that's a crap card. So here's my dilemma: I have a small form factor case, 220W power supply, and an i5 3330s @2.7ghz on a DIB75r/ pinevalley mobo. I have $100 budget for the graphics card (Radeon HD 7750 low profile is the leading contender, but I'm open to suggestions), $50 or so for a power supply (no idea there), and I'd consider pitching the whole case for a gaming case. Any suggestions on graphics card and psu? Long, long ago I built white box computers, but removing the guts from a small Dell and transferring them to a standard case seems fraught with problems. Is that even an option? This is going to be a Christmas present and perhaps do double duty as my son's 7th grade science fair project.

January 16, 2013 2:30:59 PM

hey Brett.. I have no idea just how old you post is, but I assuming it was before Dec 2012...
I just wanted to say I did the EXACT SAME thing for my son.. He got it for Christmas and still complains that it lags using Mindcraft online gaming. I decided to upgrade the RAM a little to see if it helps... and I was considering updrading the Video card...The only one that I see that will fit the slimline case is the ATI radeon HD 4350 DMS59 512 DDR PCIe graphics card...

I really wanted at least a 1 gig card, but I havent found any that would fit.

If you did it already..please let me know what you did.... as I would be interested in not having my child complain constantly about the lag....

One thing that others made me aware of no matter what a 2.7 gig processor just isnt fast enough to handle the online gaming well...

Thank you..

January 19, 2013 4:56:51 PM

I went to Dell's online tech support and asked if this card would work:
It is the VisionTek version of the Radeon HD 7750 card, stocked by Dell. I got it from Tiger p/n 900549. I asked specifically if the power supply would handle the card (250W PSU in the computer IIRC). The tech wrote back that it would work. I saved the email in case there are any problems, but so far the card works fine (about three weeks). My son plays Arma 2, minecraft, and Navy Field on max graphics settings with no problems.