How to make my at&t wireless modem faster? Would a router make it faster?

I have AT&T fast internet service with the 2wire wireless modem. This is my question it seems that it is not running fast. This is what I have in my network rather logged onto it. A desk top PC, Laptop, XBOX, Wii, 2 IPAD Touch and cell phones when surfing. How can I surf faster is it possible is the modem good enough or should I buy a faster router. Is my question possible or makes sense. I am not the best person when coming to computers. Thanks
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  1. In regards to your actual internet speed you will mainly need a faster internet connection. You haven't posted your actually speeds so I'll assume you have a cheaper DSL package. DSL can be slow, so I recommend either upgrading your package or going with a different internet provider.
  2. That many devices online at the same time, you need a good internet connection and router. Also each wireless device speed just about halves the speed available to the other devices, and the speed is dependent on how far from the wireless modem/router they are.
  3. Thanks for some answers. As far as the service I have the fastest DSL service that ATT has. I know that COX cable service is faster but I have ATT. But if I purchase one of the faster routers say Walmart sells would that help in anyway. I recently looked at onE which hooks up to the 2wire I got from ATT. Is that a way to go or which type should I purchase. As so how do I check what my speed is and if its on a good channel. I read some place that a good channel setting as so helps. I think that was the way I read it. Thanks
  4. You can try a better router to manage the connections better with QoS. Changing the channel might help if you find that there are a lot of other wireless networks in your area using the same channel.
  5. At&t uses vdsl and from what i've read, is much faster than adsl or cable, I have noticed some variences in the speed also but i have fixed most of that with port forwarding. it is kind of annoying sometimes when i use speedtest and i average 10mbps but my plan is for 18.
  6. you can also turn up the power of your router in the settings, I have done that and changed the wireless channel so that other devices dont interfere. It has made a world of difference but i guess there is nothing you can do when you are trying to stream or download during peak hours. I have alot of people in my neighborhood with uverse and they haven't changed their settings so they're all running on the same channel. I just changed mine around until i got the best result consistantly.
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