Install drivers + precision X from disk or download new?

As the title says... I am building a system for a friend near enough exact to my own and I realised when I installed the GPU onto my rig I used the disc that came with it then updated them online via nvidias site.

Would it be better to just download the newest drivers for the card via the website? along with precision-X?

card in question is gtx 660 ti.
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  1. Either way, you get the latest drivers. Eben if you installed the drivers from the disc, you can always d/l the newest version from Nvidia and install them afterwards. No harm done.
  2. It's always better to install as few driver versions over each other as possible. Just download the newest driver from the Nvidia website. Precision X does not matter as much but it's a tiny prgram and you might a well just download the latest version from EVGA.
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