Upgrad my intel g45/g43 express chipset!!!

Hello,i have a pentium dual core e6700 3.2 ghz with 2 gb ram and g45/43 express chipset, i want to play games like crysis3,farcry3,black ops2,BF3,etc )moderate);
I would like to know which grphic card to buy and if i need to upgrade more things, and if its better i buy a new computer, please HELP !!
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  1. While it is always better to buy a new more modern PC, you really don't have to in order to play those games at high frame rates. As you are aware, the gfx card will be the main improvement. The first thing we need to know, is the size of your PSU. Not just the wattage, but the rating of the all-important +12V rail(s). If this is impractical for you to do, just get the make/model for us.

    Then we need to know what resolution you will be playing these games; what is the native resolution of your monitor? The higher the rez, the more gfx card will be required to maintain high frame rates.

    I would definitely try to upgrade your memory to at least 4GB. 8GB if you have a 64 bit O/S. Most games are happy with 4GB of system memory. It would be helpful to know the make/model of your motherboard, and the type case; slim line or mid ATX.
  2. The power supply (PSU) is important. You need to let us know what brand and model you have before anyone can make a suggestion.

    You can also post a camera shot of the PSU's sticker which has information like, total watts, amps on the +12v rails.
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