Switched to onboard graphics from dedicated, no display response

help please immediately, i have an amd 3400 apu and a radeon 6670, i wanted to enable the dual graphics option, so i went into the bios and set the init display type from peg to onbard, and now i cant get a signal to change it back, please tell me how i can fix this :(
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  1. Plug your monitor into the port on your MOBO as opposed to the GPU.
  2. i tried it but still no signal, should i use vga instead of dvi possibly?
  3. Might as well give it a shot, make sure you are plugged into your MOBO and not another slot on your GPU.
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    Your on-board may be disabled in bios. Maybe put the old card back in to check this. Or reset cmos/bios and it should enable it again.
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