Onboard Display or Separate Graphics Card

Hi, I'm looking to build my own PC as a bit of a project and to get to know?understand better, the hardware of what I use everyday (web developer).

I have been looking around cases and components and have noticed that many motherboards come with dual display outputs, often a DVI and an HDMI.

I run two displays (extended desktop), and will often have Photoshop running on one and a browser in the other so its important in my new build that the colour quality/match etc is identical in each display.

I am going to buy identical monitors and was under the impression that the best way to ensure a perfect display match would be a separate graphics card with twin dvi outputs, however I was wondering if i could achieve the same result just by using the dual outputs supplied on the motherboard?

Could anyone offer any advice? I don't do any gaming however I do watch a lot of movies on my pc and if i switch to a couple of high def monitors, then I'd like to watch hi-def movies.

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  1. You could run both monitors off of the motherboard. However, since you will be running photoshop, a separate GPU will definitely be beneficial to you.

    The 6670 should work well.

    If you have some more to spend though, the 7770 would be better.
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