Rebuilt OS boot device error

I have recently taken my computer apart and put it back together. The POST checks/beeps say that there are no hardware problems and i have double checked that as well also checking all the cable connections to the hard drive and motherboard etc, and still, at the boot screen , the error message comes as follows
"Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device"
before i took the computer to pieces, i checked that the windows XP OS worked and it did. I have tried changing all the boot options and still the same error message comes up
any help?
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  1. Hello... go into your Bios and check your device BOOT order... put your Windows OS harddrive as the first device.

    Verify your Bios recognizes your hardware... OS hardrive.

    Verify power,data communications cables, and your hardrive jumper is set to master on that hardrive.
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