DVI Single Link and DVI Dual Link

I plan on running three monitors (with vga and dvi connectors) with this graphics card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202007 I see it has DVI Single Link which is the standard and Dual link. I plan on running the hdmi to dvi adapter for one dvi the standard dvi but how do I use the dual link?
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  1. Dual link and single link DVI are interchangeable. Dual link DVI uses all of the wiring on the connector, so that you can use resolutions above 1080P and use higher refresh rates on 1080P and below. It wont matter if any of your monitors are not using above 60Hz on 1080P so just use whatever cables you can find.
  2. Sorry, dual link dvi is not dual or second monitor.
    You will need to use the display port (DP). If you plan on eyefinity or stretching your desktop across all 3 displays then you need a monitor w/ DP or use an ACTIVE DP adapter. If you only want 3 seperate desktops then a passive adapter will work and eye-finity and stretching will not.

    edit - I should mention that the passive DP adapter will allow you to strech across 2 screens but not the 3rd.
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