Errors on boot and shutdown

please help, when i boot my pc i get: unable to connect (something) http error:12007
not allways though
and when i shut down i get: unable to connect (again something) http error:x007
x=may be 7 or 4, i know it is important but i dont like to reboot my pc to get errors :sweat:
every thing works great but errors allways gets me worried
i got 12007 error just 10min before this so has it got any thing to do that i'am usin usb stick internet ? (here it is mokkula so i dont known the real name) please help.
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  1. The exact error message would be helpful. And when exactly are you getting these errors? Is it a popup error message in windows, or a black screen outside of windows?
  2. first post was on my own but now im in school
    and its pop up error message i dint get in last two reboots
    boot error 12007 stacked with x-fire (insta message program)
    but later message didnt stack with it it just popped up.
  3. I really don't know if I'm following what you're saying, but have a look at this.
  4. no more errors :D
    did a full clean up project with ccleaner,malware bytesnmcafee stinger...
    i think it was problem with registry and program scraps because i have installed 80+ programs some of them multiple times (games bugging out etc) i was amazed by how much crap my pc had ccleaner alone remowed 9.4gb
    but thanks for help :)
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