My hard drive shook my computer - need a new one

Alright so recently my hard drive decided to make a really loud disturbing noise, and now when it reads/ writes files its abnormally loud. It's a really old 7200RPM Hitachi hard drive, and I think it's time I look towards a different storage solution.

I originally planned for a 500GB SSD, but now that I'd like to buy other things as well I don't think I can afford it. Apparently the best mechanical hard drive other than the velociraptor is the WD caviar black. As for SSD, I'm thinking about just getting a 250GB one. Which are the best most reliable ones?

How much faster would 10000RPM be over 7200RPM?

WD green looks interesting because it says they're low noise. Is the WD black that loud? I don't mind a bit of noise as long as it doesn't sound like a coffee maker like my current one (now an even louder coffee maker).
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  1. If you are going to get an SSD, get a Samsung 830/840 series, 256GB then you can get a WD Green (if you want, I have a Black as secondary) to use as your storage/data disk. You will get far better performance with a 7200 Black than a 5400 Green in the long run though. As for the Velociraptor, skip it, the Black are within or exceed the read write ability of the Raptor.

    And no, the Black isn't that loud at all unless you're running 1 or 2 fans, then you might get a hint of noise from it.
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