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Hypothetical GPU question

Here's my setup right now:

AMD FX-6100 3.3 GHz
Radeon HD 6870 Reference
MSI 760GM-P34FX Mobo
8 gb ddr3 1333 MHz
Corsair CX-600 PSU

I was finally able to install the 6870 (kinda old, but new to me) into my system earlier this week and I am happy with the performance that I am getting right now. My question is, when I get the money (this summer b/c I'll be working), what is the best graphics card that I can get before my cpu becomes a bottlekneck? This system is fine for me right now as I am just a casual gamer and in school, but I try to upgrade it when I can.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I'd recommend a 7970 or a GTX 670 if you're looking for a high-end card, but if you're more a budgeted gamer, than you could go with a 7850 or a GTX 560 Ti.
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    The 560's are phased out now. A 7970 is pushing it on that CPU of course it depends what games your playing. It should be able to handle a 7870 without any problem and perhaps a 7950. Then the Nvidia side of those cards the 660 and the 660Ti.
  3. Ask in the summer, cards, prices, etc will be nothing like they are now.
  4. Indeed, espically with the 8000's coming out, it should make prices change across the board.
  5. Alright, thanks. This is exactly the info I wanted. Thanks.

    Also, I'm going to wait till this next summer before I do anything.
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