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Building my first pc (for gaming) later this month any suggestions on better components or anything or is this all good?

Budget £1600
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  1. That cooler ain't that good, a noctua NH-D14 beats it in terms of temperatures and noise, that mobo is overpriced, the Asus P8Z77-V PRO has more features, power phases, and it's cheaper, that thermal armor doesn't help cooling the mobo, it only helps to collect dust.
    For gaming an i5-3570k is what you need, no point in getting the i7, nor the 16GB, it doesn't get used in gaming, 6GB doesn't get used, 8GB is plenty.
    A 670 gtx is just less ~5% in terms of performance of a 680 gtx, so getting a 670 gtx is the best value, in the future add another one, it goes a lot cheaper.
    Also with that budget, it's wise to get a good ssd with at least 120/1280GB.
    The keyboard it didn't found on the list, but i'm sure it goes bellow that budget with it.

    My changes :
  2. You don't really need a fancy soundcard like that unless you're a serious audiophile. Most motherboards have more than adequate integrated sound. You could put that extra $100 towards a 27" monitor or something.
  3. I would get a 7970, depending on the prices over there. Get an i5 3570k. 8gb ram. I would refrain from getting the sound card. I would go with a cheaper mobo, like the asrock extreme4.
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