Asus VH236H/VH238H vs. Dell U2312HM

Hey guys, I'm deciding between these monitors.

The goal is a low input lag monitor that won't break the bank as I plan to use a triple monitor set up with this.

The products in the title are the ones I've been looking at today, and I would appreciate it if you could chime in on these choices or recommend any other monitors.

Dell UltraSharp U2312HM (IPS Panel, Very Low Input Lag Monitor, 8ms Response Time)

ASUS VH236H (TN Panel, Known For It's Low Input Lag, 2ms Response Time)

ASUS VH238H (VH236H Model With LEDs, Not Sure About Input Lag, 2ms Response Time)

On some forums I've read that the VH238H's LEDs cause input lag and it would be safer to go with the VH236H if picking an ASUS monitor, thoughts?
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  1. id pay for quality and get the dell. IPS is worth it for triple panel given colours wont fade out on the sides
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