Is my 3DMark11 score low?

I got a Gigabyte 7950 Windforce a month ago but never ran a test till yesterday. I ran 3DMark11 yesterday and my score was P7998.

Nothing is OC'd so everything is stock value.
Is this a low score for a 7950?
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  1. The result said your system is performing normally.

    The CPU scores are definitely lower than an i7, what is your CPU? The graphics score looks about right. Which drivers are those?
  2. CPU:Intel i5 3570K
    Driver verison is 12.11
    Ram:Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR3 1600
    SSD: 2x Kingston HyperX 120GB
    Mobo: Asrock Z77 Extreme4

    I just expected to get a higher score. I was having some issues in games and was told to run a test to see if everything was working well and i can't say if the score if a good score since i'm not familiar with 3DMark scores.
  3. Futuremark is pretty good about finding systems that are performing normally or not. They have 1000's of computers like yours to compare to. They used to ignore clocks on their comparisons, but they include your clocks now. If it says your system is healthy, I believe it.

    Your total score will be low partly due to being only 4 cores and being stock settings.
  4. Yea i dont have doubts about my score, I just wanted to know if this was the score most people got who have Gigabyte 7950.
    If someone has this card also can you tell me what your score is, Thanks
  5. I know this thread is old, but I stumbled across it while trying to see what my score should be. My system is as follows:

    Core i7-2600 (non-k, but OC'd to 4.1Ghz)
    Asus P8z77-V mobo
    Gigabyte HD 7950 OC'd to 1175 MHz, memory to 1390 MHz
    16GB Corsair Vengence Series DDR3 1333MHz

    And my scores are consistently at P9200 on 3D Mark 11, the largest factor jump being after I oc'd my 7950.

    I'm hoping by now you have oc'd both your CPU & vid card, as that will have the biggest effect on your score.
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