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At the start of January i ordered parts for a new computer. This will have been my first ever build and i definitely should have done more research before because now i feel that i am in way over my head.

So anyways, a few days after i ordered my parts they started coming in the mail and the first parts i received were my motherboard and power supply and because i was excited about my first build i started connected the wires from the psu into the motherboard. At this point i had no idea that static would effect the motherboard and i had been putting it together on the carpet and after i didnt think any harm would be done by plugging it in and turning it on (even if the other parts weren't connected...) Did i mess up my motherboard or psu? if other parts were connected would they be affected too?

Im learning the hard way i guess however i've always wanted to build my own computer so what would you guys recommend me doing at this point?
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  1. Wait until you get all the parts, put the CPU/fan, video card (unless it has onboard, try onboard first) and the RAM in, hook it up to a monitor and plug in the PSU and attempt to turn it on. If all is still good, you will get a picture.
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