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Okay, I was about to buy a Sapphire 7950 OC ed and then I saw this Power Color 7970 at almost the same price. Now I'm wondering If I should go for the power color 7970 instead or should I stick with the sapphire 7950 OC ed. My main concerns are that:

Is this Power Color 7970 is okay? I mean Overall okay, temps, noise, cooling, etc. Or going to sapphire 7950 OC ed would give me better results/ better lifespan. Because I'm thinking if this 7970 is almost the same price as 7950, power color might have changed to cheaper parts which result to less lifespan but at cheaper price.

Is power color a trusted brand? I mean I've heard that sapphire is a great brand but how about power color?
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    I wouldn't personally buy a power color 7970. Im pretty sure theres a sapphire 7970 going for like 370 on newegg. Id hit that up.

    Only GPUs I've had good experiences with is ASUS and Sapphire.
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