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hi all,
I just got a NZXT phantom 410 mid tower case and have a question about airflow. I am about to get a corsair H100i and was wondering if i should have the air flowing in through the radiator from the outside in or inside out. i also want to know if the general airflow of the picture looks legit. it is 2x120mm on front, 120mm bottom, 140mm side(flowing cool air from the outside in), 2x120mm + h100i radiator top, 120mm back, and not shown on the picture is another 120mm behind the harddrive bay inside the case flowing from front to back. please let me know if this is ok or if maybe i need to change something to get more air flowing out of the case.
thanks a lot

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  1. Man! You're going to need ear plugs with all those fans. :D
    I would have everything on top exhausting, including the water cooler. The bottom fan is OK, but being close to the side fan, it might just cause an air loop and not cool. You may want to make it an intake or leave it out. Ideally, you'd want to have the case under positive pressure.
    Are you planning on mounting the radiator above the top fans? i.e. the top fans blowing thru the radiator?
  2. Thanks for the reply clutchc. Yes, i am going to be mounting the fans so that the air is flowing through the radiator and out(because of your advice) of the case. unless the pull method would be better. I also have a power supply semi dividing the bottom fan and side fan. So hopefully thats not causing much turbulence inside the case.
  3. radiator fans should be blowing outside
    bottom fan should be blowing inside
    PSU fan faces bottom, not inside the case

  4. Make it a push/ pull config by using Scythe Slip Stream 120 Slim Kaze-Jyuni Fans (120 x 12mm) at 2000 rpm. Place the radiator on the top of the panel with the slim fans on top of it.. then on the bottom of the panel place the original fans with the H-100i... you may have to make a small notch in the original 140 mm opening to get your hoses down into the case.
  5. Turn the radiator fans around so its exhausting from the case. What your attempting to do there is blow hot air down, physics doesn't like that.

    Swap the bottom fan around so it intakes, otherwise all your doing is blowing away all the cool air at the bottom of the case. This way its sucking cool air from under the case and into the system.

    This could be a bit contentious, but I would flip the rear 120mm fan so it intakes air. That will blow cool air directly in front of the radiator and cause a strong positive pressure system inside the case. If you get a filter on that rear 120mm, bet there would be almost no dust inside for quite a while.
    You would also achieve a bottom to top airflow rather than the normal front to back, this is better since hot air rises anyway so this is helping the natural movement of the air.
  6. I agree with the rad exhausting.
  7. +1 manofchalk
    That sounds like a good idea. Create front, bottom, & back intake... and exhaust out the top. That's the path thermal dynamics would have the air flow naturally.
  8. Gonna be noisy! Cooling wise, go with what the others say. It will be cool as hell, so at least your room won't heat up but I wouln't leave it on overnight if your gonna sleep in the same room as it!
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