Best graphic card for an office 3+ screens?

Title says it all really, budget id say 300 MAX lower the better, no games just office/excel/outlook/firefox/flash programs/etc.

Still deciding on processor.

It must have 3 plugs for 3 screens, 1080p 23inch 60mhz 2ms
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  1. There is actually a large difference between 3 and 3+.

    If you want to run 3 monitors then get this Sapphire 6450. It will let you run three monitors without any Display port adapters.

    If you want to run more than three monitors then I would suggest getting two of the above linked video card.

    Importantly, this video card will not be able to play any games. It is only suitable for running office applications.

    Here is an AMD FAQ
  2. A 57$ gpu doesn't sound too promising though, I dont want something I can just get by, I need something reliable and that can get by with ease, no games would be played, full working office under monitoring doubt anyone would be stupid enough to put games on my computers.

    Would this work fine?
  3. Running a windows desktop and applications on multiple monitors takes very little graphics power, and the $57 GPU referenced above has more than enough capability to drive your three monitor setup. A $30 GPU could drive three monitors if it had the port and clock connection capability.

    the $57 GPU does sound like it may have some lingering driver issues, so if you want to try something else, and don't mind using displayport (or an active adapter: try this Sapphire: If you don't want to play the rebate game, this Visiontek would work too:

    The GPU your suggested if you second post is serious overkill, you don't need to spend that kind of money for office applications.
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