Dumb down my 1300$ build

Could someone dumb down my 1300$ build to about 1250$ or 1200$ (Please dont reduce CPU and Graphics. If you do post two builds with a dumbed down processor and/or Graphics Card. Also there are some LED fans in there leave them be please(Also the case) Thanks ! <---- My build (Try and post a link like this, or just post the parts with pricing after them please)
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    The processor will be cheaper if you can get to a microcenter

    And your gaming experience will be a lot better if you get a 7950 and use the money you save to buy a 24 inch monitor
    Much better IMO

    You could also drop the SSD to a 40 gig unit and use it as a cache drive. Most of the speed , a fraction of the cost
  2. Thanks bro thats the second time youve help me haha
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