SLI a MSI GTX460 Cylclone with a Gigabyte gtx460?

Hello all, long time viewer, first time poster.

I've been reading up on SLI as I've been interested for some time now instead of upgrading my current video card and I just want to make sure I am able to do so.

I currently have a MSI GTX460 Cyclone 725MHz 1GB memory video card. I have been trying to find the same model at retailers and places like craigslist, but the card has been discontinued and the only one I've found is a used one for $200.

I have found a Gigabyte GTX460 1GB memory (Not sure the speed yet, but I think its the 715MHz model) for about $80 that I think would be a cheaper solution, however I'm wondering if I would have any issues with having the two cards in SLI?

I know brand doesn't make a different and the memory is the same, speed is a little different but I was hoping this would work fine. Just wanting to make sure before I make the purchase.

OR would it be a better idea to wait until the 600 series are cheaper when the 700 series is released. Thinking about a 670 or 680, would the two 460s be equivalent to the 670 at least?

Thanks for the time.
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  1. Well Gtx 460 Sli is really good. But you want yourself to get a single powerful GPU and SLI later. Cuz with 460 you cant add more.

    They will work together. The freq is not imp but the other specs yes(Vram / Core)
  2. I was just looking for a cheap solution at the moment to boost my machine a bit before putting 300+ into a newer gpu. As long as the two cards are compatible I'm happy. Thanks for the input.
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