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I know this sounds weird, but I just bought a new Asus HD 6670 and a new Lepa N 500 power supply to run it on my Asus computer, since my old card went to that giant junk heap in the sky. It works fantastic...a little -to- fantastic. While playing games my video moves like an old sped up talkie from the golden era of movies. Everything moves comically fast, making it practically impossible to strike anything on my FPS'. Is there any way to slow this down? I jacked everything up on the video for Mass Effect 2, and while it looks gorgeous, it's still an issue. Any ideas?
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  1. Turn V-Sync on.
  2. As said above V-Sync will cap the FPS at 60. You should install a monitoring program that shows what FPS you are actually getting.
  3. I wen't into game, and with a little snooping, found the programming for vsync. It appears to be on. I looked on the card itself under my control panel, and while I found plenty of things to alter, none of them vsync. Is there somewhere special I'm not looking?
  4. Could it be that the game is now running at the proper speed and before it was lagging so much at 2 FPS the game was at half speed so it could run at all.

    Try watching some videos of your game and this could prove my theory.
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