Intel or AMD

So right now I have everything except for my CPU, GPU and motherboard. I have to setups propsed for the remaining parts:

i5 3570k
Radeon 7950 - $20 MIR
Total (After MIR): $655

Radeon 7950 - $20 MIR
GIGABYTE 990FX UD3H - $10 MIR and Free Mass Effect 2 Game
Total (After MIR): $595

My other specs:
PSU: Corsair HX750
SSD: Samsung 840 Series 250GB
RAM: Crucial 1600MHz 8GB

The question I have is, is the Intel worth the extra $60? PC will be for gaming on a 1080P monitor and Xfire is a possibility in the future (hence the power supply). So is it worth it the extra $60?
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  1. neither. get this

    the differences between the 2 chips in day to day use isnt much. if you do play skyrim, its a 10-20fps difference but generally you are already above 60fps
  2. If you will definitely crossfire in future then the intel build is the better choice

    If you wont crossfire then IMO build the AMD , but use a cheaper motherboard with a 970 series chipset . Best available is probably the Asus M5A97 evo , but the Asrock 970 Extreme4 is also an excellent choice since it has a 990X chipset and can crossfire anyway
    and then the price difference is larger and the AMD option well worth it

    Unless you have multiple monitors you will not be needing crossfire any time soon , and by the time you do there will be a newer better generation of graphics cards available and you'd always be better off buying one of them instead
  3. So... The i5. I'd rather spring the extra $30 on the GPU and have the extra power just in case. Plus the MOBO I listed has 2x PCI-e 3.0 ports while the one you listed has one.. I know that doesn't make a big difference, but it might in the future.
  4. intel build :sweat:
  5. AMD build with a cheaper mobo and then put in a 7970 with the saved money.
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