WTF with Afterburner and 7970?

I have an MSI R7970-2PMD3GD5. I use afterburner to OC to the max

Power limit =20%
Core Clock= 1125 MHz
Memory Clock= 1575 MHz

I run Heaven and and PC Mark and it tuns fine. Now I want to utilize my Komodo water block and OC this thing to the max.

Since Afterburner was capped I went into the config file and yada yada yada to increase the values. Then I open up afterburner after a restart I start the the program again and everything is back to stock. I try to OC then and the card start artifacting. I even try bringing it back to

Power limit =20%
Core Clock= 1125 MHz
Memory Clock= 1575 MHz

and it doesn't work. I then went back into the config, changed the 1 to 0 and deleted the disclaimer. Now I can get it back to the OC settings working fine like at first. WTF?
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  1. So I went with Trixx and that seems to work. I find it very odd that AB isnt flawless with my MSI card.
  2. OCing can present challenges as no 2 systems will react identically. You may have simply pushed too hard.

    Good job on finding a workable solution. Make sure to keep an eye on your system temps.

    Good luck!
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