Will my motherboard be mountable in this case?

Hi all.
For a while I've been looking at getting, at the very least, a bigger case for my E-machines el1850 to help improve airflow as it gets quite hot during the summer months, and there is nowhere on the case it is to mount an extra fan.

This is the case I decided on:

I chose it because it says that it can support micro-ATX motherboards which I assumed is what I had.
But reading around, some people on some sites talk about some motherboards, particularly Acer (Which I think own emachines?) not conforming to some standard size specifications.

So my question is: does anyone know if my motherboard will fit in this case?

If you need pictures of the motherboard and some measurements, let me know and I'll get 'em tomorrow when I get home.

Thanks in advance,
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    It looks like your current motherboard is MiniITX (not MicroATX). It may be that your case specifications simply omitted stating MiniITX compatibility, but to make sure, you should select a case that specifically states it supports MiniITX.

    -Wolf sends
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  3. Alrighty, thanks very much Wolfshadow. (And thanks 'TheN00bBuilder' assuming you were gonna say the same thing ;))
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