Big problem with my new HD6670

hi guys
just bought MSI R6670 1GB video card
and I'm having a little problem
now I'm using a 5450
the new card is working fine
But when I put it on my PC
I have the normal run beep and every thing still black like I put nothing in
so I called the seller and told him about that he told me to update my BIOS
he thinks that the Bios version is old and can't read the card

so I was looking here and there so I found that
that's my motherboard
there's a bios update
uploaded in 2010-06-29
so I'll download it and will use Tseries bios update utilty
so what will I have to do
open tool
back up my old bios
select the new one and install and done ?
oh there's a Clear Cmos button on the utility do I have to mark this and install the new one and restart and the job is done ?
oh BTW
will the update solve my problem please quick answer}
my current bios date 5\6\2009
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  1. place the card properly in the slot in such a way that the pin should not be visible when you look at the slot. when it is not properly inserted you hear a beep and nothing will be visible
  2. no my PC always make a little beep on start up and then every thing is visible
    I'm sure the I inserted the card properly
    I thought the I'm an Idiot so I took it to an expert but still not working
    so I think it's an old bios problem not a slot or card problem
  3. Likely a faulty card if the old one works. If you can, plug it into another system to test it.
  4. yes I mentioned this in the post
    that it's working perfectly on 2 other system and don't work on mine
    the old one is working perfectly so it's not the 6670 or my MOBO PCI e x16 slot
    so will it be an old bios problem like the seller said ?
    and are the steps above are correct
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