Fast Internet download vs. Slow Network Copy

Hi All,

Am facing a very weird problem. I am running a wireless N network using the DLink DIR-655.
Internet access is quite fast with the wireless clients almost getting max throughput (25Mb/s , 3.125 MB/s)
However when I copy within the network between two computers, the speed is < 500 KB/s.

I am literally downloading the same item three times because its faster than downloading once and copying locally.

I am quite puzzled as I have tried firmware upgrades, tweaked advanced settings, reset to factory defaults. All do not seem to help much.

It could be my router is a bad set, but the fact that the downloads are working fine leads me to believe otherwise.

Appreciate any help or insight anyone could provide. If you would like me to upload any diagnostic information to debug, do let me know as well.

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  1. Have you tested this with multiple computers, both uploading and downloading locally? Just curious if we can narrow this down to one computer or if it is actually the entire network.
  2. This is across all computers on the network. All have excellent internet download speeds with bad local copy speeds.
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