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Radeon or Nvidia

Hi I am here asking this because of two reasons. 1. Not really comparing the two and 2. which is better for the money. Now I am looking at two different cards, but the thing is I'm debating on which to get and it really comes down to money. I have already put in well over 700 into my rig already, and if I get the nvidia I'm looking at I will definitely have to get another PSU which also means more money. But if I get the Radeon I'm looking at I won't, but I will be taking a large quality hit. So is it worth the wait to get the better card after all the time and money or should I just go ahead and get my pc done and over with? Here are the cards in case any one is wanting to know.

I really want to get this over with soon but I don't want my graphics card to be outdated before it even ships haha. Which I understand the Radeon isn't the best nor is the Nvidia, but you get what I'm saying haha. Thanks everyone
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    GTX 560 Ti will be around 60% faster. Don't get me wrong, but going for HD 6770, which is 2 generations old card (it's the same rebranded HD 5770) isn't a good idea.
  2. So your saying save for the better card? Because I don't want to have to go back and buy another card soon, but I don't do MAJOR gaming I would love to but as my GPU now is horrible I just can't get into good games so I don't really play as much. with that being said the games I do play (League of legends, TF2, Orcs must die 2 etc) aren't too graphics demanding, but I do own games like Metro 2033, red faction Armageddon, Warz I would love to be able to play those max settings or atleast something close to that. But anything is a upgrade considering I can't even play those games right now.
  3. Going for GTX 560 Ti wouldn't be bad at all, especially at that price. It's a very nice deal and you should take it.
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  5. Thank you very much for your input and how quickly you replied
  6. No problem :).
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