Buying the Hyundai ImageQuest Q17A in USA


Does anyone know if the Q17A is available in the US? It was mentioned in the June LCD review article. I've been unable to find this specific model here. The only models I can find are ones with analog instead of digital inputs.

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  1. This was a long discussed topic. It is an old model, but because of the popularity it gained after the review came out, Hyundai is supposed to start selling it again sometime soon. Probably on
  2. The review seemed to like it above all the others and it is an old monitor? - does not seem right. The one comment was that Hyundai was having prolems making them.
  3. Yeah!
    Look at this (pdf manuals, spec. at last page):
    Q17A spec. looks like AUOptronics inside and I don’t think that in reality Q17D has different panel.
    Something is very wrong about that famous Q17!
    Well, maybe it is on German market only.

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