My Brother's Birthday Present

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  1. woooaaa great budget medium build :O
    where is the case?
    this case suits your mobo mATX :) compact little case but powerful inside
  2. For less money you can get the HD 7770 :

    $85 after rebate.

    As you can see here:

    And here:,3135.html

    It has more raw power, consumes less power and is cheaper. Plus, most of these benchmarks are when it was first released and the drivers have increased the 7000 series cards dramatically.
  3. because the mb has two dimm slots look into buying one 8g dimm. extra memory will help him when he plays games and it only a few dollars more then the 2dimms you picked out.
    i would also toss in an evo 212 cpu cooler. the stock one will work but the plastic legs and clip set up sucks. the better cpu heat sinks use a back plate.
  4. Lol a 650 ti? For that price you can grab a XFX 7850 for $139 after rebate.
  5. You don't need the hyper 212 evo cooler scrap that.

    You can cut costs with a cheaper, but nonetheless, a good case :

    With that saved get a dual channel kit with 8GB :
  6. ^ true

    i didnt recognize 550 price, it should be 60-70 normally
    for 100 usd, 7770 cant be wrong
  7. blake1243 said:
    Lol a 650 ti? For that price you can grab a XFX 7850 for $139 after rebate.

    It was with the mobo and dvd drive savings in mind, it allows the 650 ti, but the 7850 you still have to pay more 20-25$ up front(rebates come after), but if he can spend the extra, of course, it will be better.
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