Some Games are randomly crashing to desktop the same way.


On the beginning, sorry for my english mistakes. So, my problem looks like this. Some games : Bioshock 2, Just Cause 2, Assasins Creed 3, Far Cry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row the Third, Viva Pinata are crashing to desktop. The same way. After one minute of playing, hour, on cinematics or loading screen.
They minimize to desktop, without any mistake meassage, I can't turn them back, only task manager helps to shoot them off. Sometimes it's crash with information that screen driver kernel model bla bla stop workind but now is good. But very rare. I realizes that when the game crash, temperature on my graphics card rises for couple of second for about 10 degrees. Always the same. Other games working perfectly.
I don't know what to do, i try running them by administrator, compability modes, fresh windows system, nothing. Please Help!!

My computer: Intel Core i5 2500K- 3,3 Ghz, As Rock P67 Pro 3, Asus Geforce GTX 570 1280 MB DDR5 DirectCu II, 500 GB Samsung F3 , 2 x 4 GB GoodRam DDR3 1333 Mhz, XFX Core 550W.
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  1. This might be a frustrating question to hear but are you using the very latest Nvidia drivers?
  2. Very, very latest. Specially from asus page to my graphics card. I tried oldest nothing changes.
  3. Your card might be over heating or maybe you have pirated copies of games? It can also be your psu. Maybe when the video card is at full load your psu can't provide power.
  4. Can't be psu, that would crash the whole computer, not just the software. Get your drivers straight from nvidia. Manufacturer drivers aren't always reliable and are usually old.
  5. I dont think that my card i over heating because the temp is max 50 C . The drivers are 306. 23. so up to date. Withcer 2, Prototype 2 , Batman Arkham City on full details run perfectly for me, the crashing games too when they are working. No glitches, no artifact nothing. Runs perfectly on high or very high, but minimizes suddenly and gone. Its so weird.
  6. @Archi69, watch the language! :non:
  7. Sorry for that. I installed oldest drivers, this that come with my graphics card, and Far Cry 3 last a bit longer, about 30 minutes without crashing. So maybe something with drivers?
  8. Did you use driver sweeper between driver installs? If not then use it and then reinstall the latest official driver, not beta, from
  9. I used it, installed newest drivers, game freezes after 5 second. So I used driver sweeper to uninstall drivers and second time installed oldest. Working fine to this time, about 1,5 hour. I have more time on Sunday for testing.
  10. Played tonight Far Cry 3 for 1,5 hour, crash, but I have Bit Spirit in the background. Switch it off. I palyed 3 hours non stop without crash. I am satysfied witch this result, but I still don't know the reason of crashing. Any ideas for future?
  11. Sooo, as Far Cry 3 was working good with old drivers, Assasins Creed 3 and Deus Ex HR still crash that same way. Minimizes to desktop and thats all. I have no idea what to do with this problem. Please Help!
  12. So it is minimizing to desktop? Is the game still running when this happens or no? If yes there is probably some program running in the background causing these problems.
  13. Yeah it's still running for a while. I hear the sound from the game, but I can't return with alt+tab. I can switch it off only by task manager.
  14. Your antivirus should have a game mode or fullscreen option. Is that on?
  15. I have Avast free version, I don't have game mode and work in the backround is enabled.
  16. Does this happen watching fullscreen videos too?
  17. No, only some games that I mentioned. Is there a program that I can use to notify what is going on in the background?
  18. I downloaded process monitor to see wich process occurs after the game minimizes. I played Deus Ex HR, it minimizes to desktop, and in PM I see that adiodog.exe process occurs. What is this? I read about some fix from microsoft to this but I can't download it. Any ideas?
  19. Do you have anything overclocked?
  20. My graphic card is overlocked from the beginning. It's Asus Geforce GTX 570 Direct CU II. I don't do anything with it.
  21. Did this start happening recently or was it happening since the start of owning the PC? How old is this PC?
  22. The PC is 1,5 year old. From the beginning it was ok, games was working perfectly. The first game to react that way was Bioshock 2. Then I think Saints Row The Third, Max Payne 3 etc. This problem occurs only in some games, other work good, like Dark Souls, Football Manager 2013, Darksiders 2, Prototype 2 etc.
  23. Could you try downloading MSI Afterburner ( and try setting your clock speeds to this?

    Core: 732 MHz
    Memory: 1900 MHz
  24. I downloaded and set clocks as you say, and I played Deus Ex for 1,5 hour without problems. Tomorrrow I test more games and write something new.
  25. I play Deus Ex for about 1,5 hour and he crashed. But not minimizing to desktop. I've got app crash message. What to do next?
  26. In the crash message I have code c0000005, and StackHash_0a9e. I found that this may be possible problem with virtual memory. I have 8174 MB in settings, and it's controlled by Windows. I have 8 GB of Ram. Is this change anything?
  27. Now in Mirrors Edge I have too appcrash but with nvd3dum.dll message. It's something with the graphics driver? Sorry for posting one message after another, but this is killing mr, so many problems with one computer.
  28. Next time, use "Quick edit" function.

    Anyway, at this point I'd suggest windows reinstall. Either your Nvidia drivers are corrupted, or your card got damaged. If it's the former, windows reinstall will most definitely fix it. If it's the latter, you'll have to contact Asus warranty service.
  29. So it must be the card because I reinstalled system week ago. Okey, I think It's end of this topic. I must contact the warranty service. Thank a lot for help! Merry Xmas!
  30. I'm glad I helped you. Merry Christmas!
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