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EVGA GTX 670 Artifacts

Hey guys.
The other day, I noticed little artifacts out of the blue while playing BF3, initially, the artifacting only happened during gaming on BF3, then when I opened up LoL, it also started artifacting (green dots all over the screen on BF3, black dots on LoL). Then, in addition to the green dots, stretching of some of the environment in BF3 started happening. I've updated my driver, done clean installs of several older drivers but to no avail.
I've read about 670s artifacting on a few forums, a lot of them warranting RMAs. I know I'll probably have to RMA this card, but if there is anyone that can help me with this problem it'd be really great, as I don't want to have to RMA this card, since I'm lending my PC to a friend of mine in about a week.
Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks :)

Edit: Also, I've run 3DMarkVantage on both Win7 & 8, and artifacting is present in both cases, regardless of clocks.
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  1. It sounds like you've already completely any driver related issues and since you stated that this is a recent problem and didn't happen before, you can nearly be sure that the card is failing unfortunately.
  2. Damn, any other possibilities?
    I really don't want to have to RMA this card.
  3. Can you try it on a different monitor ? That has happen to me before and it turns out my monitor was going out.
  4. I'll give it a try.
  5. o.k.
  6. Nope, still artifacts like crazy.
  7. Awe.... man that sucks!It's your card dam it!!
  8. Damn, I've tried just about everything. Just tried using some spare 6-pin cables for my card and that didn't change anything either.
    If anyone else has some more input that would be very helpful.
  9. Just RMA the thing man. It sounds pretty certain it's your GPU.

    Try EVGA's artifact tester so you can be 100% sure.
  10. I've reseated the card (had my system out of it's case for benchmarking) and artifacting seems to have improved/changed a bit in 3DMarkVantage, but is still present and has not improved or changed in games.
    I've ran the stress test at stock clocks and there appears to be no artifacts visually, nor is there any using the program's scanner.
    Though I might add, the floating object in the Tessy EVGA test became distorted in some areas and I doubt that is normal.
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    Usually a dying card will show up in the scanner.

    If you have changed the power, the cable, the screen then it must be your GPU.
  12. Sigh.. Looks like an RMA for me then.
    Thanks for the help everyone! :)
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