Okay so I have a unit, supposedly with a radeon 7870. At the moment under display adapters in the device manager only Inter(R) HD graphics is showing, which I'm assuming is some form of integrated GPU.

So you see the problem, the radeon is not showing up. I'm disabled so I cant check if the radeon is even there, but I ordered the unit from a wholly reliable site, so why wouldn't it be there?

At the moment I'm acting on faith as you can tell. So if it is there, why is it not showing up? My theory is that the monitor is plugged into the wrong port, would that be the likely scenario and account for the present issue? As such would it just be a case of switching where its plugged in? If not that, what could be the issue?

I'm fairly new to this, and my inability to really move to check is a right pain in the arse.
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  1. have you tried to install the ATI drivers?

    do you have a separate video card in the computer?
  2. Yes to the first

    No to the second, as far as I know. Just the Radeon 7870, and I assume the Intel(R) HD Graphics is built in somewhere else? On the motherboard or something?

    Processor (CPU)
    Intel® Core™i5 Quad Core Processor i5-3570 (3.4GHz) 6MB Cache

    Memory (RAM)

    Graphics Card
    2GB AMD RADEON™ HD7870 - DVI,HDMI,2 mDP - DX® 11, Eyefinity 4 Capable
  3. So you installed the drivers but not the card? :)
  4. most times with video issue like yours the monitor plugged onto the wrong port. new pc now that have built in video in the cpu chips called ipgpu the mb default settings is to have both the ipgpu and the ati video card on. windows is not bright os. in the bios want to change the video card order from ipgpu to peg. that make the ati card the first video card. on the back of the pc if they installed another video card. you should see three white video ports. one on the mb that your monitor using now and two ports about a few inches away in one of the pci video card slots. there two programs that you can run to see if the ati card there before you pull the system apart. there gpu-z that should read and tell you if there two cards. and there this benchmarking program.
    when you run it look under the system info tab it show you your hardware of your pc. also check in windows system device manager under video to see if there any ati devices installed.
  5. So, thats a yes? So its likely just a case of the monitor being plugged into the wrong port?

  6. The monitor plugged into the motherboard instead of the gpu would be a reason. Can you or someone else take off the cover and look for the gpu? Also, do as Emerald said and install the drivers. If CCC is installed you will see a red icon for it in the task bar.
  7. CCC came already installed and everything but only the Intel graphics options are showing and not CCC. And yes I did update to the latest but as the card itself is not currently detected it doesn't do much good.

    So i guess it is the monitor just wired poorly.
  8. Yep monitor most likely plugged into the mobo instead of the 7870.

    Would've been nice to vent some frustration at the company had they not included my graphics card but oh well!

    Thank-you all who replied!
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