Server help with motherboard , cooling, CPU

I'm new with this forums.
An I need a little advice.

I'm getting a server built an needed some assistants.

My current specs for the build is

Motherboard: ASUS KCMA-D8 dual CPU support
CPU : AMD Opteron 4130
Ram: RDIMM 2x 8gb
Boot drive 2x120gb SSD
Storage 2x1TB raid 1.

I needed help an was wondering if anyone can suggest a water cooling an full tower case for the build I'm doing.
My main concern is this CPU an motherboard will work together because I don't want to order everything an then to come to find out they won't work together an this is the first server to get built since 2003.
I'm going with that motherboard because its around 275 and the CPU is 130 an its going to be 24/7 an needed some suggestions on good cooling such as water cooling an what I need to make sure that it all works together,
And please tell me if the CPU an board will work together an anything else I may know.
Thank you.
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  1. I can't use Xeon .
    I'm going with amd because its cheaper.
    The motherboard and CPU total is 400-500
    The Xeons I looked at with quad core around 2.6 were $800
    My limit on a CPU is 200 an limit on motherboard is 400.
    I'm trying to go for the cheapest as possible but can't figure out if the CPU I chosen will work with the motherboard.
    An I need a water cooling system but under $150 and a full tower case under $200.
  2. I'm going to use a server with dual CPU so if we ever needed to upgrade we could just add in another CPU an more ram instead of buying a whole new system costing even more.
    My limit is 1100-1300 an this so far is right in the middle.

    So the KCMA-D8 says it works for amd opteron 4100 series.
    But I don't see anywhere what MHz of ram to use.
    An if anyone else can find a amd opteron 4130 that works on a motherboard with dual support.
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