Unusual Starting issue and Bluescreen death

Hi everyone,
I built a PC for myself 2 years back. It had problems once in a while since I built it but now become worse. Here is the details:

Most of the times I turn on the PC (Running Windows XP) it fails to start and keeps on restarting. sometimes goes to disk scanning and find problems with windows files/boot record. Then starts alright (most of the times) when I completely switch off and start again.
There are 2 RAM modules and tried isolating, but still there is problem. Bought a new HDD of Hitachi, assuming that is causing problem, but again the same issue. Once after a crash, my entire C drive has disappeared. Sometimes fonts also disappear. I tried changing the antivirus as well.
Now I assume that the motherboard or CPU is creating the issue on HDD. If Windows starts with hidden problems, we know it either from AVG icon (which says antivirus is not up to date, but can't update) or from firefox crash. Also sometimes system goes off with bluescreen saying physical memory dump.
One thing I noticed that it gives more trouble in summer and less in winter. Tried starting with Linux boot disk and there's no issues (because system not using HDD).
Now I have Acronis backup of good Windows installations and whenever system crashes, I do recovery. Please help me diagnose the problem.
Thanks in advance.

CPU: Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz
MB: Gigabyte H55M-S2H
RAM: 4GB DDR3 / 1333MHz
HDD: Seagate 1TB, Hitachi 1TB (New)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT / 1GB
500W Power Supply
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  1. I would suspect your motherboards BIOS

    I havent checked the specs but its bound to have a dual BIOS set up that works sometimes .

    Try flashing it to the latest available version
  2. Thank you very much Outlander_04 for the info. I did the flashing successfully. Now waiting for the result when I start the PC tomorrow morning.
  3. But again the same issue this morning when I start.
  4. are you running the RAM at 2133 Mhz ?
    That is a big overclock . Try it at 1333 MHz and see if the results are the same

    Do you have an XP dvd?
  5. It was wrongly typed from CPUZ. Actually it's 1333 MHz.
    Yes. I do have a Win XP DVD. Tried Installing from beginning many times.
  6. Well, my guess would be that the motherboard is faulty , but b4 you bin it I think you should try removing the graphics card

    Theres no particular clue thats the problem , but you have the option to run from the onboard graphics so you should try it IMO
  7. But there's no graphics support for my CPU (Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz). So I can't get a video without graphics card.
  8. What about safemode then?

    Does it behave the same way in safemode. ?
  9. Problem is even before the OS loads. These days there's no much issues once windows gets started. First time it never start correctly (keeps on restarting). If I turn off power and on, it will start most of the times. But after finishes loading, message will say, system recovered from a serious error, restored registry etc. Sometimes will be missing some fonts.
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