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I originally had a Radeon 5770 that started crashing while playing cs:go on the lowest settings a few weeeks ago. The game would freeze and I would get a weird pattern across the screen (orange and black vertical lines covering the entire screen). Sometimes it would hard crash and reboot sometimes I could crl+alt+del back to desktop. If I was able to get back to desktop, any window i moved would cause trailing and artifacts.

So, my buddy let me put his old 6770 in to see if my graphics card was fried. It ran well for about 30 min and then cs:go started getting choppy and occassionally the computer would go to sleep. So I used ATI dashboard to check temps while playing and found they were up to 95-100 C.

So I currently have the fan maxed out with the side panel of the case removed with a box fan blowing on high into the case. This seems to keep the temps in the low 80's C but obv its not a long term solution. Any ideas of what is causing the overheating?
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  1. what computer case are you using? maybe invent in a better one
  2. My main concern is the case airflow. Just wanted to get some other input on things I should check before buying a new case. Not in front of gaming PC now so I'm not sure of what case I currently have. It has 120mm intake fan on the front 120mm in the back and a smaller fan on the side.
  3. You can try replacing them with stronger fans.

    I would buy something like this:

    I would get two of these fans for $10 total and see how much things improve. If it's not enough, take them out and add them to your new case.
  4. post a picture of the inside of you case.
  5. a good cable management inside your case will improve the airflow too
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