Intel HD 4000 Series Integrated Graphics

I want to ask the community that I am building a new computer. So, I am buying an Intel Core i7 3770 Processor. No OCs.
I will be playing some games which are listed below. I will be mostly consuming the cpu power.
Game are:
1.Microsoft Train Simulator
2.Railworks 3 Train Simulator
3.Midtown Madness
4.Need for Speed :Underground 2
5.GTA San Andreas
6.Microsoft Flight Simulator X
7.Some Mini clip Games

I want to ask, Can these games run smoothly on Low or Low-Medium Settings On the Integrated HD 4000 Graphics Controller ?
Any Suggestions are most Welcomed !
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  1. resolution is a critical issue too and you havent supplied that information

    but even at low resolution the answer is no, not well
  2. Resolution is 1366x768
  3. Why not rather buy a 3470 CPU, and spend the extra money on a GPU? Just about any discrete card will be faster than the Intel HD4000.
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