Need a basic graphics card for Dell 531s...newbie here

I have been having trouble with my Dell 531s for several weeks now. During a move, I believe the graphics card was damaged on the outside where the monitor adapter plugs in. A few of the pins got bent and are broken. I have screen issues, and have to keep rebooting and using the normal monitor cable just to see anything. I'm a newbie, so please be nice.

We just had twins, so I need to try to get this fixed with low cost. I don't game at all on it, and just need it for basic paperwork, word programs, facebook, and internet, etc.

I also have maxed out the storage at 250gb. I've got 230 of it filled and I'm sure that has something to do with it running a little slow.

I already have 4gb of RAM which I believe is the max that it can handle.

I'm looking to start this thing over. I would like to wipe everything, replace the graphics card, get it running better, and install Win 7.

Since I'm a newbie, I don't know specifically what kind of graphics card I need to get? Right now it has a radeon x1300x/x1550. I want to use something similar, because I don't think I'm tech saavy enough to replace the power supply.

I'm also considering upgrading the hard drive, which doesn't seem to hard to do, so any suggestions on what I need to get there would be helpful as well.


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  1. For your needs, something like HD 5450 would be perfect:

    Though, could you be more clear about the restarting part? Maybe just not graphics card got damaged?

    To upgrade a hard drive, it's simple: pick out how much space you need or how much you want to spend. Generally, 1 TB drives have the best space/price ratio.
  2. Looks like that card has a 350watt min...don't think it will work?
  3. Well, what power supply unit you have? Don't look at those requirements, the card will consume 20 watts at most. That's very similar to your current card.
  4. The 5450 actually uses less power than a x1550/1330 but performs better. The stated requirement just tries to estimate what other components you would have as well as bad quality psus that can't supply their rated power.
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