Upgrading from a 9 year old pre-build (My first build ever)

Good evening gents, this is a list of components that I have selected for my first build.

CPU: i5-3570k
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z77
GPU: ASUS Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II
Ram: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2x8GB (16GB) black low profile
Case: Corsair 600T White
Heatsink Cooler: Either a Noctua D14, Zalman 9900 Max, or Corsair H100i
SSD: Samsung 830 (120gb or 256gb)
HDD: WD Cavier Black (1TB)
PSU: Corsair HX-750 (Chosen this as I may have anotherr 7970 in the near future)
OS: Windows 7 Home 64bit

Others: BitPhoenix Spectre Pro (White LED) 120mm x2 or Yate Loon D12SL-12 (White LED) 120mm x2 depending on my Heatsink cooler. BitPhoenix or NZXT white extensions to color match my case, NZXT 200m light strips to light up my case.

Notice: I'm currently using a single Asus VE279Q in 1080p so I may get a 2nd one perhaps 6 months from now.

Feel free to offer any suggestions or if you see anything that is not compatible.

Keep in mind I'm located in Taiwan so prices may be differen't than the states or other countires.

So far the suggestions I got was to change the Sabertooth to a AsRock Extreme 4 and get i7-3770k instead but newegg reviews for the Ex4 has not been really stellar. The same could be said for the Sabertooth as well but Asus does seem to be more reliable though over all...?

Would be nice to finally upgrade from a 9 year old Acer PC lol :lol:

Thanks and regard,

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    I made a personal choice and. Went with asus maximus v formula, no complaints but your chhoice is good too

    I would chose 7970 from gigabyte because of better overclock capability and 3 fan set up.

    Cpu cooler noctua is the best choice appearently for performance and value. But I think for looks h100 is awesome, I love the look and that it doesn't sit over other components like a fan cooler (not sure if u understand).
  2. Hope that helps
  3. hi Guss,

    Thanks for the response. Are you refferring to the ghz version of the Gigabyte Windforce 7970 OC or the none Ghz version?

    The H100/i does look very pleasing to look at but there has been a lot of problems with it and Corsair has not really patched things up yet.
  4. ive got the 7970 oc
  5. i got my card on sale it was cheaper than a regular 7970 . it is factory clo ked to 1100mhz GHz edition. and max clock u can get is 1150 i believe..... if i remember right... the asus regular 7970 is clocked to 1000mhz and the OC version is 1075mhz.

    Just to clear something up, because I might have confused you a little bit. I did some research and I found that the asus cards were not oc friendly, and gigabyte/sapphire were recommended over the asus. As you see from what I've said... the cap is 1150mhz, but it does make a difference
  6. I'm thinking of changing some components:

    i-7 3770k
    Asrock Z77 Extreme 6
    Sapphire Vapor-x HD7970 Ghz 3GB

    What do you think?
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