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Hi people,
I need a new computer for work. Looking at an all-in-one. Most important thing is I want an SSD in there, and it should be ~£650 or less. I've looked on,, etc but they're all using hard disks. Can anyone suggest anywhere else I could look, or actually seen an all-in-one with SSD at that kind of price?
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  1. Quite simply I dont think you will find an all-in-one with an SSD in it. Even among proper desktop prebuilts, SSD's are a rarity only found in the higher end gaming ones.

    Might just have to replace the HDD yourself if you get an all-in-one.
  2. I have seen them, but they're a bit above budget. Saw one around £850, but my boss would prefer to stay around £650 or less. And I don't think he'd be cool with me opening it up and potentially voiding the warranty.
  3. There is this:

    Which I found a while back, but not sure about Sedatech. And looking at the first image, that looks disturbing like EliteGroup's logo (ECS). Could just be an EliteGroup case though.
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