Saphire 7750 with 350W PSU?

I would like to ask whether an Saphire HD 7750 will work with a 350W PSU. I am worried it might not work as it is set as a requirement 450W PSU. I would be really grateful if you could answer me.

Here is my system:
-Intel Dual Core Processor- 2x2.8
-Motherboard MS-7529 (PCI-E 1.0)
-Power Suply 350W
-Windows 7

Here is a link to my power supply: [...] 194506.jpg
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  1. The link doesn't work. Assuming the power supply isn't older than 3 years, it will work just fine. I cannot guarantee it if it's older, however. They tend to degrade over time.
  2. Just as an example I run my i3-530 with a 5770 with a 380w power supply just fine. The 7750 should use a good chunk less power than the 5770 ( ). I think what it comes down to being a good quality PSU and has a PCI-E power connector.
  3. It should work. I would assume at full load you will not reach 200 watts or maybe around 200 at most.
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